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At the Thandie John Foundation, our latest projects reflect our unwavering commitment to uplifting communities in need across Malawi. Through various initiatives, we strive to make a meaningful impact in the lives of the less privileged. Recently, we’ve been able to extend a helping hand by donating mattresses to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep for those without proper bedding. Additionally, we’ve provided essential groceries to the elderly residents of Chatha in Chileka, recognizing their vulnerability and need for support.

One of our most heartwarming endeavors involved cheering up a child battling cancer, spreading joy and hope during challenging times. Recognizing the importance of basic necessities, we’ve donated firewood to Mpemba Boys Home in Blantyre and even provided them with a new TV set for recreational purposes. Our efforts also extend to honoring the sacrifices of veteran retired soldiers in Zomba by delivering groceries to assist them in their daily lives. Moreover, we’ve partnered with Flexlearn International to offer tertiary courses, empowering individuals with education and skills for a brighter future. In our continuous efforts to support orphanages, we’ve donated a mill specifically for children under 3 years old at Trust Orphanage in Ndirande, ensuring they have access to nutritious meals. Lastly, we’ve reached out to a needy woman, providing her with essential necessities to ease her burden and offer a glimmer of hope. These projects represent just a fraction of our ongoing commitment to serving those in need and fostering positive change in our communities.

Football Tournament

The latest football tournament held at Zomba Maximum Prison was a resounding success, bringing together inmates and staff in a spirit of camaraderie and competition. The atmosphere was electric as teams battled it out on the field, showcasing their skills and passion for the game. After an intense series of matches, the winning team emerged triumphant, claiming not only the coveted trophy but also a prize of MK 150,000 in recognition of their outstanding performance. The second-placed team earned MK 100,000, while the third-placed team received MK 75,000, rewarding their dedication and effort throughout the tournament. Additionally, the title of the best player was awarded with a prestigious golden boot trophy, honoring their exceptional talent and contribution to their team’s success. This tournament not only provided an opportunity for inmates to engage in positive activities but also fostered a sense of unity and accomplishment within the prison community.

Opportunities for Malawi

DR. Thandie John in New York, United States in United nations head quarter addressing house and speaking about Malawi nation.

Dr. Thandie John Addresses United Nations Headquarters, Advocates for Malawi's Development and Prosperity

We have gathered many beautiful moments during our journey

Feeding, cheering the elderly and giving them basic needs

Yearly visits at Zomba Barracks to cheer the retired soldiers since 2011.

Vocation school

Thandie John Foundation is planning to establish a vocation school through her organization in order to continue supporting the needy youths. Currently it has partnered with Flexylearn International e-learning Application to help the students who cannot afford to pay for tuition fees in Collages. All its Courses are UK Accredited.

Counselling Sessions with the Youth, men and women due to the high rate of suicides and divorce issues.

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